Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Rating: 7.2/10 | From: 58,403 Users

Action | Adventure | Comedy
20 December 2017 (USA)
Jake Kasdan
Four teenagers discover an old video game console and are literally drawn into the game’s jungle setting becoming the adult avatars they chose.
City Center (ATMOS)
9.00 AM11.30 AM.2.004.307.009.3012.00 MN.
Seef (I)
11.15 AM.1.454.156.459.1511.45 PM.
Wadi Al Sail
10.45 AM.1.153.456.158.4511.15 PM.
Dana (Cinema 6)
10:4513:0015:1517:3019:4522:00(00:15 THURS./FRI.)
Mukta A2
11:00 AM1:15 PM3:30 PM5:45 PM8:00 PM10:15 PM12:30 AM
10:15 AM12:30 PM02:45 PM05:00 PM07:15 PM09:30 PM11:45 PM
VOX (ThEATre by Rhodes)
VOX (Standard)
10:50 3D13:2015:50 3D18:2020:50 3D23:20